Show Builder

ShowBuilder is a program designed specifically for theatre to organize the mountain of information for your productions. ShowBuilder will allow you to move beyond Word or Excel or FileMaker because it gives you the tools you need to document your information and to print it out specifically related to your discipline.

ShowBuilder is designed to be extremely customizable. You can use the ShowBuilder templates to print your information or you can easily design your own template.

Whether you are a Carpenter needing to do payroll, or a Wardrobe person needing to create a photo album of costumes, or a Lighting person needing an equipment list, or Stage Manager needing to print a company list, or a Sound person needing labels - ShowBuilder is there to save you time and aggravation!


With the Address Book you can maintain contact information for your Cast, Musicians, Techs, Design Teams, and more. As you build your show thet contacts are "referred to" to maintain data integrity so if a person leaves the production, just replace their name in the Company and all data related to that "part" will remain.

Cast and Musicians have special meaning to ShowBuilder as these two departments have related data associated with them. Add members from your Address Book to your show and assign them as Cast or Musicians and ShowBuilder will take it from there. Assign a "Track" (roll played in show), Scenes that the company member is associated with, photos, and devices. ShowBuilder will track how these items related and generate reports of equipment usage, scenes and songs.

Need to know who is in what Scene? How about where they exit or enter? Scene Detail will track all your scenes in the show and how your cast relates to those Scenes. Or take a look at the Scene Breakdown page for a complete overview of your entire show.

Create and track budgets and payroll reports.

The ShowBuilder Reporting Engine comes with all the basic reports to print out information on your production, bugets, orders and labels.

Can't find a report that meets your needs? No problem, ShowBuilder comes with a custom report designer to layout any report you can want.

All Disciplines

  • Stage Management

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Hair/Makeup

  • Scenic

  • Props

  • Wardrobe

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