RF Guru

RF Guru does two main things and also has several other groovy features. One thing you can do with RF Guru is tell it what wireless microphone units you have or want and it will give you the maximum possible optimum frequencies you can safely use without interference. The other way to use RF Guru is by starting with an existing wireless microphone setup and telling it what frequencies you are using and it will calculate for you the problems with your system that might lead to intermod (i.e. interference). You can even tell it which city you are in - practically around the globe - and it will take into account local TV signals in nearly all countries.


  • Uses sophisticated formulas that calculates the largest number of safe frequencies

  • Calculates most usable frequencies and will also test for intermod on existing systems

  • Contains printable reports and customizable labels

  • Has a catalog of major wireless manufacturer's systems

  • Explains why a frequency has been rejected

  • Takes into account TV stations.

  • Allows you to input known bad frequencies for your venue

  • Will calculate your systems against a known neighboring system

Know your RF System

With the FCC squeeze, and the need for many wireless devices, RF Guru will help you manage what frequencies are intermod free, and what frequency combinations you should manage. While intermod occurs when two or more transmitters are on stage, if you know what those are, you can avoid those combinations.


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