SFX - Past, Present, Future

Ghost of Seasons Past

We brought back a blast from our past - SFX 5.7 - small, easy to use, WAV file playback only using stereo sound cards but updated to run on Windows 10 (Windows 7 or higher)

Ghost of Present Season

SFX 6.x is currently in it's 10 season with routine updates and feature improvements. MP3, WMA and WAV audio playback using modern matrix sound cards including Dante, AES, USB/Firewire to modern consoles and more. MIDI Triggers, SMTPE Triggers, Ethernet, RS232 and time code.

Ghost in our Future

Already compatible with a Windows Tablet, take SFX on the go for small shows using the built in sound card or connect to a USB/Ethernet sound card for advanced routing options. With a highly customizable SFX interface, SFX adapts for vertical or horizontal tablets. More touch options coming!

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*NuVision, 8" tablet.2GB RAM, Windows 10 Home, 1.33GHz Atom CPU, 32GB SSD

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