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Aug 5

SFX6: Relay Manager


Advanced user notice -- remember to add the CR/LF after the CONNECT command in any of our Managers - RelayManager, Video101, etc. W/o the CR/LF, the manager is waiting for the end of the line to execute the command.



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  • Admin
    Sep 27

    Sometimes you have a trigger happy operator that a may double fire the GO! button from a mouse or keyboard trigger. These scripts can also be used to prevent any double firing of the GO! button whether from the the Relay Manager or MIDI device. First we need to set a variable when the show loads, in File | Production Properties | Scripts, modify the “AfterOpen” script to include setting a variable to 0. FUNCTION AfterOpen     ASSIGN @inTrigger = 0 END FUNCTION Create a new script function called "Debounce" FUNCTION Debounce   if @inTrigger == 0 then        ASSIGN @inTrigger = 1        GO        delay 4        ASSIGN @inTrigger = 0   END END FUNCTION Assign the "GO! Button" trigger to the new Debounce script. The script will check a variable to determine if @inTrigger is set to 1, if it is, then regardless of how many times you press GO!, it will be ignored. If @inTrigger is not set, the the function will set the variable to 1, send “GO” to the active cue list, and wait 4 seconds before the variable is reset to 0. If you want a tighter time variable, change the value from 4 to something smaller. NOTE: If you just add this script to a production file, save, close and reopen the production so the AfterOpen script will run and set your initial variable to 0.
  • Admin
    May 10, 2017

    Sometimes you want to trigger the next effect and have it stop the previously playing effect and you can do so by using a Wait 0, and a Stop effect. However if you want to do this for the entire cue list, a simple script could do that automatically for you. FUNCTION NewGO // NewGO -- assign this script to any trigger that you use to start effects. // This script will automatically stop any playing cue in the list, then // it'll start playing the next cue. stop list 'A' go list 'A' END FUNCTION After you create the script, you'll want to assign it to the different places you can trigger an effect. For example, if you use the Spacebar as your go, in Triggers, click on “Create New Global Keyboard Trigger” and make the shortcut the space bar, then the “Event” the script called NewGO. If you still want to use the on screen GO Button, in the Triggers page, click on the SFX tab and add the NewGO script to the Event for the GO! Button.
  • Admin
    May 10, 2017

    You may have a list of music cues to play or want to sit in the house and hear all your effects for the show, this script will be your virtual operator pressing GO! for all your cues in your cue list. FUNCTION AutoPlay // AutoPlay function will enumerate list A and play each cue in order // Good for playing a list of music, not good for playing nested effects // as this routine will enumerate all cue parts and ignores autofollows // and waits local assign @count = count list "A" local assign @count = @count - 1 local assign @i = 0 FOR @i = 0 TO @count local assign @duration = get index @i duration play index @i delay @duration delay 2 LOOP END FUNCTION   You can add this script to your production and either create a new button to fire the script or just run the script manually from the View | Command Interface. ie: exec script “AutoPlay” The script will play a cue and wait until it is complete plus an additional two seconds (delay 2) before it fires the next cue.
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