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SFX 6.x Scripts

Programming Scripts to control functions for SFX 6.x
New Posts
  • Carlton
    Aug 5

    Advanced user notice -- remember to add the CR/LF after the CONNECT command in any of our Managers - RelayManager, Video101, etc. W/o the CR/LF, the manager is waiting for the end of the line to execute the command.
  • John Gibilisco
    Aug 2

    I have 3 licenced copies of sfx6 deluxe. They have all run very well for years. Last update code was probably late '14. The Issue: The PC I build on was working this morning but this afternoon it would no longer save or open any past show files. Tried to reinstall following some old instructions I had on hand from Carlton but that failed as the code is no longer valid./? Not sure how to get back up and running. Will program cues in the theater space until I get my workstation back online. Any advice appreciated. JOHN G
  • joris jans
    Dec 25, 2017

    in the old site i could find an version history of SFX v6 but un the new/overhauled site i cannot. can anyone point me where to find?
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