RF Scanner

RFscanner is designed to use external hardware to scan for frequencies that are currently present or appear over time in your venue. Any frequency over a certain dBm Threshold will be written to a .CSV file that can be imported into RF Guru or used in any program that can open/import .CSV files.


  • Duration in Minutes – The length of your test. If you're interested in collecting data over the duration of your show, start the test at what would be considered show time, and set the duration of the length of your show. The range of frequencies will be scanned and hits over the threshold will be recorded.

  • Start Frequency – The lowest frequency that you want to start the test with.

  • End Frequency – The highest frequency that you want to stop the test with.

  • Scan Device – The hardware device you are using to perform the frequency scan.

  • Report Folder – Where RF Scanner will create it's .CSV files. Each scan will be created with a unique file name using the date and time of the scan.

  • Threshold – the value in dBm that RF Scanner will use to record hits. Any value below the threshold will not be recorded. Any value above the threshold will be recorded.

Hardware Supported

The following scanners are compatible with RFscanner:

  • RF Explorer

  • WiNRADiO 305

  • Lectrosonics VR

  • Audio-Technica 5000 Series

  • More in development...

Watch it Work!

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