Production Software

Audio Playback - Show Control - Lighting Control


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SFX is the original, live entertainment sound playback software application for Windows.  The typical venue for SFX is theatre, but it is also used by theme parks, magicians, and other related venues that require the playback of music and sound effects.  SFX puts the art back into sound design: instead of worrying about technological limitations, you can now create rich sound designs that can be reliably played back during each performance!


LightFactory is a leading software based lighting control system. Offering a no compromise approach of traditional dimmer control and fully featured moving light support. LightFactory was designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator or designer could own their own control desk. One desk they are completely familiar with, one desk that works for every situation and one desk they can rely on every time. Most software based control systems focus on moving light support but lack the many features that make traditional lighting desks standout. LightFactory closes that gap.

Design Software

Lighting Design - Frequency Coordination - Frequency Scanning - Documentation


SoftPlot is a CAD application specifically for plot lighting, management of paperwork for all levels of entertainment from theatre to film to TV.


RFguru is a software tool that will find the best combination of wireless microphone frequencies for you. It will also troubleshoot existing wireless setups. 


RFscanner is designed to use external hardware to scan for frequencies that are currently present or appear over time in your venue. 


ShowBuilder is a show management program designed specifically for theatre to organize the mountain of information for your productions.


Lighting & Sound Design DVD - Design Template

TDI - Educational DVD

Learn about Theatrical Design at your own pace...interactively! Lighting and Sound discs work on both PCs and Macs* - featuring dozens of animations, video, color photos and more to help make learning fun and engaging.
DVD's feature Dr. Tara Maginnis (of fame) putting makeup on herself as she talks and walks you through the process of becoming a character!

Light Grid

With a fully rendered 3D view of a simulated stage and lighting grid, you can experiment with the color and intensity of virtual lights. You can see how different color choices and intensities mix and how different angles highlight onstage objects. You can also choose a number of different types of objects to focus the instruments on to help demonstrate color, intensity, and shadow. 

Sound Template

Whether you do all drawing on CAD or not, the occasion will arise where you will need a good template for claiming space on a lighting plot or to test ideas while actually onsite.  Also, this is a great teaching or refresher tool as it contains all the steps and formulas for placing speakers.


Lighting & Sound Computers - Control Devices

Portable Digital Workstation

A portable digital audio workstation for on the go sound designs.   15" Laptop includes SFX Standard and a 6 channel sound card.

Rackmounted Digital Workstation

A complete 3U rack mounted digital audio workstation including the Computer, LCD Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, Sound Card, SFX Deluxe and Sony Sound Forge.

USB Input and Output Devices

Want to control relays for special effects?   This 8 channel Output USB relay board is controllable via telnet commands.    Or want to receive input from external switching devices?    This 8 channel Input USB relay board is controllable via the SR Relay Manager driven by SFX v6.